Metal Lathe

A metal lathe is a precision machining tool used to shape and cut metal workpieces with accuracy. It features a robust cast iron bed for stability and a spindle that rotates at variable speeds to accommodate different materials and cutting needs. The tailstock supports the workpiece on the opposite end, ensuring alignment.

Primarily used for turning, the lathe creates cylindrical shapes like shafts, rods, and bushings. It excels in facing, tapering, threading, and grooving, offering diverse machining capabilities. Precision is a hallmark, crucial for achieving tight tolerances and smooth finishes.

Metal lathes vary in size, from small benchtop models for hobbyists to large industrial ones for substantial workpieces. Some incorporate CNC technology for automated and highly precise machining.

In essence, the metal lathe is indispensable in metalworking, allowing machinists to efficiently shape and finish metal components. Its versatility and precision make it a cornerstone of metal fabrication, contributing significantly across various industries.