Why are Lathes so Expensive: Uncovering the Cost

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Discovering why are lathes so expensive for the best  machinery devices that can perform a large number of  projects is also known as the “Mother of All Machine Devices.”

Understanding a Lathe

Why are Lathes so Expensive

A lathe is a machine device that is used to shape wooden or metallic things into different shapes. It shapes a metal lathe or metal woo lathe workpiece by rotating it about an axis while as a cutting tool which eliminates the useless material from the workpiece to form the desired shape that the user wants.

These lathe machine tools are used for different types of products for operations such as shaping, sanding, designing, drilling, cutting,  and wood, and metal turning. They are differently used in metalworking, woodworking,  spraying, glass processing, and wood-turning devices.

Why are Lathes so expensive?

Why are Lathes so Expensive

These Lathes are so expensive because of their heavy machinery, metal body, motors and all other parts used to make them are costly to produce different shape devices.

There is a large number of employees working in machining parts and designing calibrating and when the final shape is assembled lathe adding to the cost. The Shipping method also plays a main role.

Different-sized lathes will be different in precision, and price, but if you want to get the best precision quality machine. These machines also have all the right parts and are secure to use.

So Let’s search out why these lathes are so expensive because of looking at how they efficiently work and some of the components that are used, especially in metalworking and woodturning.

Demand And The Materials

  • Metalworking and Woodturners also need expert training and schooling to be able to turn the wood shape into a wooden showpiece, furniture or different sound instruments, which needs to be accurate to fulfill their characteristics. You can not imagine a wooden showpiece and musical instrument that is not perfectly made and makes different sounds.
  • Woodturning is a specific art in which the users ask for expert training, quality motors, the best machinery, and special safety secure regulations. Secure lathes, with all the rules and precautions in the workplace, that’s why they will be more expensive lathes.

Resting Your Tools

  • When doing the wood-turning process, you will use different types of devices, screws, and tools to convert the wood into different shapes, styles, and design textures, which requires different bits and tools that you push against the sanding, and spinning wood.
  • Now, just for the safety precautions and accuracy, all tools must be used in place, and this is where the tool rest comes in. You have to lock the tool rest in place, which is making sure that it is 100% safe work.
  • A very loosely set tool rest is very dangerous and can seriously or badly injure you, so you must make sure that you have a very tightly set tool rest so that it doesn’t move an even half-inch while you are turning your wood or metal piece.

The Costs And The Brands

  • Wood Lathes Metal lathes are available in different sizes with different functionalities, which affect the price of lathes. Your low lathes will cost you about $250 – $450. All lathes are small in size and don’t come with all the bobs, bits, and pieces that you can expect with mid-size or high-size lathes.
  • Mid-size lathes look bigger, with more bells and whistles, and the price is anything from $450 to $850 in range. These lathes are the best if you are more serious about to working with woodturning and are looking for a larger number of possibilities.
  • So, high-size lathes are for special factories or expert woodturners and are purchased for thousands of dollars. These lathes can be larger in size, or massive, and some of them other specially digitized for the greatest accuracy and other detail.

Most expensive parts of a lathe


I did a lot of research to search out what are the most expensive parts of the wood lathe and metal lathes and here is what I collect data about this.

  • Cast Iron

The Cast iron is the most of the tool in the lathe forms and this makes it most of the responsibility for the weight, size and cost.

  • The motor

This has to be designed to work at different speeds without losing torque angle. This means that more work is required to be put into the motor than the motors of other speed tools of lathe machines.

  • Machining of the spindle

The work with lathes that it takes to engineer and design the different parts of in the headstock part and the tailstock part to work with very high degrees of accuracy for many years makes the cost of lathe machining quite high.


Lathes are expensive machine devices and metalworking, woodturning is a very different art. It is not tough to see why are lathes so expensive. For a proper working lathe that is the best size, made from good quality materials to ensure accuracy and security which you might have out more cash. Woodturning and metalworking can be very rewarding if done right option, but there is a very catchy. These lathes are the best if you are more serious about working with woodturning and are looking for a larger number of possibilities.


What are lathes used for?

Lathes have been used to shape different materials from the start of the time. From Egypt and the Industrial Revolution in England to the world, these lathes machines are used to shape the material of products.

Should I get a cheap lathe and upgrade later?

The answer to this question would be no. But I would encourage you to first you must get training and learn to use the lathe and also use someone else lathe. Like in a class of beginners or at a professional shop that can give you a few hours on their lathe before you make a decision on the lathe you should buy. 

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