What You Can Make with a Wood Lathe and Metal Lathe

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Discover the limitless potential of lathes! Explore wood and metal lathe projects, from intricate artistry to functional items, and let your creativity shine.

These wood and metal lathe projects offer multiple opportunities to express your creativity, develop your craftsmanship, and produce both functional and decorative items. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced lathe enthusiast, these projects are sure to ignite your passion for woodworking and metalworking, thus allowing you to explore new horizons in craftsmanship. 

Wood Lathe Projects:

wood and metal lathe projects

Here are some wood lathe project ideas:

Rolling Pins:

These kitchen staples can be customized to your liking using wood lathe techniques. So Craft your rolling pin from maple, beechwood, or cherry for a personal touch in your baking endeavors.

Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Elevate your dining table with homemade salt and pepper shakers. Utilize Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill Hardware kits for added convenience.

Wooden Bowls:

Explore the world of wooden bowls, suitable for both practical use and decoration. So, Experiment with various shapes and materials, even mixing in resin for a unique touch.

Wood Lathe Plates:

Craft wooden plates with ease, as these are relatively simple to make, especially for those who are new to woodturning.

Wooden Wine Glass / Goblet:

Surprise your friends and family with wooden wine glasses or goblets. So These can make for exquisite gifts or items for sale.

Kitchen Utensils & Gadget Handles:

Transform everyday kitchen tools by crafting sturdy and aesthetically pleasing wooden handles, adding a vintage charm to your kitchen.

Wooden Spoons and Spatulas:

Create functional and artful wooden spoons and spatulas, so experiment with various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Honey Dipper:

Explore the simplicity of crafting honey dippers, enhancing your honey-drizzling experience without the mess.


A great project for beginners, craft wooden chopsticks with elegant, grooved edges for added style.

Bottle Stopper:

Customize bottle stoppers for various uses, whether for wine bottles or homemade dressings, using turning kits for efficiency.

Mortar & Pestle:

Delve into the world of herb grinding with a quality wooden mortar and pestle, so a perfect blend of beauty and function.

Wooden Vase:

Create stunning wooden vases, exploring methods to make them waterproof for flower arrangements by using glass or plastic liners.

Round Wooden Boxes / Containers With Lids:

Craft decorative round wooden containers with lids, experimenting with intricate designs and lip carving.

Wooden Pens:

Craft unique wooden pens using pen-turning kits, making personalized gifts for friends and family.

Wooden Chair Legs and Spindles:

Elevate your woodworking skills by turning chair legs and spindles, perfect for practice and uniformity.

Wooden Beads:

Delve into jewelry-making by crafting wooden beads from various wood types, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

Wooden Thread Spools and Bobbins:

Capitalize on the demand for wooden spools and bobbins in crafting circles, creating functional and decorative items.

Baseball Bat:

Craft your regulation-size baseball bat, considering the type of wood for weight and strength variations.

Drum Sticks:

Produce drumsticks for drummers, personalizing their preferred style.

Wood Turning Lamps:

Illuminate your space with custom-made wooden lamp bases, experimenting with different designs and techniques.


Enhance your décor with wooden candle sticks, exploring various designs and ensuring stability with weighted bases.

Chess Pieces:

Dive into the resurgence of chess with handmade wooden chess pieces, that So ideal for gifting or personal use.

Wood Lathe Christmas Trees:

Embrace the festive season by crafting charming wooden Christmas trees, perfect for holiday decorations.

Justice Mallet:

Though unconventional, create a justice mallet—a unique and intriguing wood lathe project.

DIY Hourglass:

Make your hourglass, by combining lathe-turned spindles, a base, and a top with pre-filled hourglass blanks for a distinctive touch.

Metal Lathe Projects:

wood and metal lathe projects

Explore the following metal lathe projects to enhance your skills and showcase your craftsmanship:

Replica Bullets:

Showcase your metalworking expertise by crafting ornamental replica bullets. These can be used for keychains, displays, or as unique embellishments for lighters and matches.

Hammered Bowl:

Hone your metal lathe techniques with a hammered bowl project. This provides an excellent opportunity to grasp fundamental skills and create a visually appealing piece.

Metal Scriber:

Develop a valuable tool for marking various materials before cutting or machining. Crafting a metal scriber is a practical project that enhances precision in your metalworking endeavors.

Metal Ring:

Utilize metal scraps, nuts, and bolts to design and craft rings. This project not only offers a chance to experiment with different materials but also minimizes waste while providing hands-on experience.

Metal Mallet:

Essential for any workshop, a metal mallet project allows you to experiment with handle design and texture. Crafting your own mallet enhances your tool collection and showcases your craftsmanship.

Metal Candlestick:

Perfect your boring and rounding techniques by creating metal candlesticks. This project provides a platform for refining your skills while producing functional and aesthetically pleasing items.

Steel Jewelry Box:

Combine style and functionality by crafting a sleek and practical jewelry box. This project serves as a testament to your skills, creating a lasting and personalized item that showcases your mastery in metalworking.



Wood and metal lathe projects provide a diverse range of creative opportunities, from practical kitchen tools to ornamental pieces. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artisan, these projects invite you to explore, experiment, and craft beautiful items while honing your skills. So, embrace the joy of woodworking and metalworking, and let your creativity flourish.


Best Wood for Beginners?

Start with softwoods like pine or cedar for easier wood lathe projects.

Metal Lathe Safety Tips?

Wear safety gear, secure workpieces, avoid loose clothing, and so follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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